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On cups


Well simple, commonly used plastic cup material is PP and PS. PP high temperature, can be microwave, so you used the Lock & Lock food container is made of PP. PS does not heat, so commonly used in cold piece of packaging. In the production process, plastic cups health than paper cups, plastic cups because of simple production processes, high temperature molding cooling immediately after packaging. Printed paper cups, paper, with film reel, curling, do not know how many hands to be touched.


But then again, plastic cups really can be, but in China it necessarily. Some people even asked me before, do not use plastic cups can be recycled plastics, My soul is contempt, but can not show it. I told him, recycled plastic impurities, making cups unsightly. Recycled material is only one, I believe that very few people do. Because the market is competitive ah. Transparent plastic cups one can see it good or bad. You also can not see it? It is the additive. Gypsum powder (milky glass)? Toughening? antifreeze? The harm it or not, I do not know. But it is certain that Chinese exports to the United States plastic cup is "food grade pure PP". People eyes can not tolerate a little bit of impurities, unqualified immediately let you go home!


In fact, in everyday life wetouch crisper, packing boxes, plastic bags, food bags, plastic cups, we must go carefully observed, if you are using transparent and translucent products completely safe to use, because it is basically raw material and polypropylene a polyethylene material molding process, the process did not add any auxiliaries and additives; if you are using the process to find your lunch box are other colors, especially milky, please do not use, because the processing of raw materials were added to the masterbatch or add a lot of toner, white filler to reduce cost.