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Market Survey


"Beijing every day to consume 2 million disposable cutlery, plastic cutlery which foam has 400,000, or 20%, in line with national environmental requirements accounted for 30% and the remaining 50% are unqualified products." Yesterday, in the first tableware packaging research and development and environmental expert Dong Jinshi, said more than 10 years, substandard disposable plastic lunch boxes, food bowls and trays add a lot of waste plastics and fillers, heat or oil will release carcinogenic chemicals pathogenic , serious harm to human health. According to "Xinmin Evening News" report, Dong Jinshi, deputy director of the China Packaging Resources Comprehensive Utilization Committee.Beijing bad meal 20% from Dinghai.


Yesterday, the full participation of disposable tableware survey operations, said Dong Jinshi, Beijing substandard tableware half of the field from Yongqing County in Hebei, Tianjin Dinghai County and other regions, the other half from the Beijing underground factories and small workshops.


Dinghai County in Tianjin, a manufacturer of disposable tableware underground factory inspection found that the raw material used in this plant are actually plastic waste, but also add a lot of countries explicitly banned industrial wax and other harmful substances. It is understood that bad meal in Beijing, 20% from the region. Dong Jinshi, the market one ton of polypropylene (PP) in the market price of 11,000 yuan up and down, while filling a ton market price even less than 2000 yuan, which is the reason many manufacturers add filler illegal. Illegally added industrial wax long-term intake may cause cancer, said Dong Jinshi,Many manufacturers of raw materials in the product added talcPowder, calcium carbonate, etc. actually more than 50%, which led to tableware of harmful substances seriously overweight. A bubble with hot water, a microwave turn, will dissolve harmful substances in food, long-term exposure can cause indigestion, gallstones and liver disease and other systems. If cutlery contains industrial paraffin wax, and may even cause cancer.