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How to identify the quality of the merits?


How can real ones plastic lunch box?

Poor quality disposable plastic lunch boxes due to low prices, you can buy a few cents, so are some small restaurants welcome. For example, in bad meal production, in general, adding a large number of industrial-grade calcium carbonate, talc, paraffin wax and other toxic materials, a direct threat to the health of users.

Counterfeit green plastic lunch boxes soft hand touch, gently tear on the break, a pungent smell then choked eyes, easily deformed by heat leakage; fake pulp meal intensity difference, dark, serious oil leakage leakages; crates and the lunch boxes no name, no marks, no production date; counterfeit heavy meal than the qualified products, put in the water after the shredder is liable to sink (the proportion of qualified products is less than 1, will not sink); cheap, generally 0.10 yuan or less, while the real price of more environmentally friendly lunch boxes 0.13 yuan.

Convenient chopsticks Taibai need to be vigilant:

Many people think that disposable chopsticks compare health, safety when eating out. But some small workshops in order to reduce costs, the use of all low-grade wood. Chopsticks for a "white", some criminals will use bleach sulfur fumigation. With this meal chopsticks residual sulfur dioxide into the body will follow.

How to prevent the "poisoning" of it? Get the disposable chopsticks, depending on whether printed on the packaging manufacturer's name, logo and contact information; those colors over white disposable chopsticks is not credible; chopsticks can also smell the odor, if there are sour sulfur, it is best not to use. Do not chopsticks when dining a long soak in a hot soup or hot porridge, because it will accelerate the decomposition of sulfur dioxide. You can use cold water to clean the surface of chopsticks, to reduce the residual sulfur dioxide.

Fancy straw color may not be safe. Drink time to pay attention, a lot of waste with plastic straws are made of liver and kidney damage there.

Some unscrupulous businesses in order to cover up the straw variegated with waste plastics production, give dyed straw color more vivid, the greater the security risk. Experts advise, best not to use a straw color. Its raw materials are not excluded from industrial plastics waste may even plastic recycling. Identify problems straw can follow three steps: First, ask to see the information on the production of packaging bags, the production date, shelf life, production license and number (QS logo). Again distinguish colors, colorful try not to buy, pay special attention to the color depth. Finally, before the straw is not in contact beverages News Have a smell pungent odor, if any odor, indicating that the problem is certainly straw.

Identification clever disposable cups:

The pros and cons of disposable cups can be identified by "a look at two news three touch" approach.

Look: In addition to watching the company name on the package, address, date of production, etc., but also against the light to see if there are better not to buy blue or impurities;

News: Have pungent odor;

Touch: feeling extremely soft, possibly inferior product. Tip: When using disposable cups, the best first scalded with boiling water, make a paper cup full of harmful substances volatile.