How long can biodegradable paper plates be used?
Biodegradable paper plates of GUANGZHOU HENGDA INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD has relatively long service life than that of different brands. As the productivity and profitability of our business are based on the operation of our product, we attach great importance for their reliability and lifespan. With technology capability, we always look for greater reliability for our goods and lessen the risk of costly failures.

Today, HENGDA INDUSTRIES has become the leader of Chinese eco friendly plates industry. We will show you the disposable paper straw series that is most popular with customers. The disposable paper tableware facility can paper plates and plastic cutlery and you can specify paper plates and plastic cutlery.Continue R&D efforts are made on HENGDA INDUSTRIES Disposable Tableware. The product is quality-assured as it has passed the international certifications, such as the ISO certificate. The products are much greener, with less of an environmental impact.

HENGDA INDUSTRIES Disposable Tableware series is manufactured in strict accordance with international standards.
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