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Hazard inferior cups


We first look inferior cups decomposition, it is composed of: paper, printing inks, industrial wax, coated paper. The following sequence commentary.

First, the paper: Many manufacturers in order to maximize the benefits, and will not use food grade wood pulp paper. Shoddy everywhere. If the paper is poor (recycled paper) will be with bleach and optical brighteners, which is the average consumer can not be resolved.


Second, printing inks: the cost of production is everything era, national standards for the printing ink does not seem effective. Therefore, the ink containing benzene and toluene are flooded in the market. After the printed paper cups for nesting, ink cups are likely to pollute the inner wall.


Third, industrial wax: paper cups if it is not waterproof, it also means water? Thus there is a cup paraffin dip. Wax contains something called "polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons" of harmful substances, and the wax melts at 40 °, and the oil can dissolve the wax, you know the consequences.


Fourth, coated paper: Usually we are so called, but in fact is within the polyethylene plastic film. Many use coated paper cups instead of paraffin. But there is no wax "protection" in the outer wall of the cup may be damp moldy cups nested together, will be the inner wall of mold contamination. And on this plastic film, if not food-grade materials at high temperature will break down harmful substances.


In addition, poor quality was broke cups containing bisphenol A. According to some experts after Nanjing Medical supplies bisphenol A were determined, the results show test disposable cups bisphenol A content is 30 times the disposable plastic cup, rain water content of bisphenol A pure drinking water five times Rideau.