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A considerable number of business people have largely invested in catering department, due to the high demand caused by overpopulation. Convenient ways to serve the hungry customers have been introduced; cafeteria way of serving customers in canteens supermarkets or hotels and disposable tableware. Disposable tableware has become a huge solution to the large numbers of customers streaming in those places. They are cheap and convenient. One does not have to wait or worry about hygiene, for once disposable tableware is used, it is disposed and a new one is bought. 

Although disposable tableware has brought convenience and hygiene, it has its problems .It is mainly made from plastic, coated papers and material called polystyrene foam. They are difficult to recycle and are likely to be disposed after use therefore causing a massive pollution which is definitely a health hazard. Efforts have been made to curb this problem by introducing Biodegradable tableware.

 According to oxford dictionary biodegradable means capable of being decomposed by bacteria and other living microorganisms thereby avoiding pollution. Therefore biodegradable tableware also known as compostable or eco-friendly ware is plates, cups, dishes or cutlery made from natural renewable resources. When a plate is biodegradable it means it can be broken down, decomposed quickly by microorganisms within a short time after disposal. Companies like Hengda industries co. Ltd has started manufacturing those kinds of environment- friendly  tableware.

Below are some of the differences between biodegradable tableware and disposable tableware.

•Biodegradable tableware is made from biodegradable substances such as food, wool, sugarcane, leaves, bamboo, and remains of dead creatures, grass clippings, animal waste, and paper wood and so on while disposable tableware is made from mainly plastic and coated papers. This means that biodegradable tableware decompose a lot faster than the disposable ones. This makes the former environmentally friendly because it does not pollute the soil. One may argue that burning disposable ware is an easier way of disposal but this produces more toxic fumes in the air that pollutes the air directly.

•Disposable tableware causes environment pollution by making the streets dirty. They are found all over parks, on the roads and some are carried by animals to the farms which causes more damage to the plants and vegetation. Biodegradable tableware on the other hand, if collected after use, and sold or taken to a recycling plant, it becomes beneficial again. For example a Biogas Plant uses biodegradable products to create methane gas which is used as a harmless source of light and energy.

•Disposable products are oil based and break down after a long period of time through chemical reactions; they therefore break down into microscopic pieces which can still affect the environment. Some of these pieces are ingested by animals causing major issues in the food chain. Biodegradable tableware are made from plants and animal products, they therefore break down naturally producing water carbon dioxide and organic material which are very crucial to the environment.

•Some manufacturers use cheap and poor material to make disposable tableware which is a health hazard while biodegradable manufacturers use materials that are eco-friendly even after disposal. In addition chances of using poor materials are minimal because they use natural materials from animals and plants and they are easily accessible.

•Lastly, just like silver and ceramic tableware biodegradable tableware is suitable and safe for refrigeration, storing fresh food and micro wave heating. On the contrary disposable tableware made from poor material releases harmful chemicals to the liquids and food in those containers. Heating up left overs in them can cause chemicals to leach out of the plastic.

Why choose biodegradable tableware?


Plates and cutlery made from natural resources when disposed after use quickly decompose and turn into carbon dioxide and water which are crucial for photosynthesis. This means; more vegetation and a balanced ecosystem.


When Biodegradable tableware is disposed in a commercial compost heap they produce compost also called soil conditioner that is rich in nutrients. This is used in gardens, horticulture, urban agriculture and organic farming for better produce.

Availability of Resources

Unlike disposable tableware that uses less available and expensive material such as oil and coal, biodegradable tableware is made from available and cheap resources such as wood, grass clippings, animal waste leaves and so on. This makes its production easy.

Beneficial after disposal

Biodegradable tableware can make profits after use. They can be sold to a Bio gas plant to generate electricity. The waste produces methane gas that can be used to cook and light a house. It is good to note that the gas is harmless.

Less energy to manufacture

Biodegradable products takes lesser energy than the one required to petroleum -based products like plastic plates.

Less pollution

Biodegradable tableware manufacturing produces less pollution because it can break down into nontoxic components that are not harmful at all. 

Petroleum consumption taken to other needs

 Petroleum that is used to make polymers to make disposable tableware can be used for transport services and heating if biodegradable tableware is embraced completely.

It is Economical.

Biodegradable tableware decreases dependency on foreign oil, considering not many countries have their own oil. Oil is also painfully expensive and affects the economy of a country if needed in large amounts. This plan can save a country a fair amount of money that can be used in other needy sectors like health.

Marketing is made easy.

Most people are now enlightened on environmental conservation and would go for the environmentally-friendly tableware. If all people decide to go green even in their kitchens, it may enhance the potential to increased business, sales and profit.


They are suitable for storage, freezing and heating and free from any harmful chemicals. They can withstand microwave temperatures and freezers low temperatures  just like disposable tableware products.


Just like disposable tableware, biodegradable tableware is also disposable; it is also used once to eliminate infectious diseases associated with catering departments.

Hengda Industries co. Ltd has made a name for itself in the list of top suppliers of biodegradable disposable tableware for known brands all over the world. They give attention to their clients’ recommendations and needs to make sure that their final products are up to their expectations. Together with expertise, they are bound to produce fast, outstanding and quality tableware at a competitive price.