old blends with new in historic wine area - dinnerware sets for 12

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old blends with new in historic wine area  -  dinnerware sets for 12
Located in the heart of wine country, about 45 miles north of San Francisco, Sonoma is a picturesque town that plays an important role in California's colorful history. The tree-
Filled square surrounded by historic adobes and stone buildings is the place where the bear flag party raised the flag of the independent California Republic in 1846.
But Sonoma has also adapted to the contemporary lifestyle of California.
The early California storefront of the square was filled with fashionable fashion, home decoration and exemplary contemporary crafts;
This is a great shopping walk.
Champagne (497 1st St. W. )
With unusually expensive clothing bubbles.
The most novel: a black matron dress with silver safety pins ($1,200).
The washable silk dress designed by Voguish designer costs $280.
Locally manufactured accessories include belts with hand made
Tool rose and gorgeous silver buckle (about $230).
Task hardware (198 1st St. E. )
Everything from baby bottles to electric fans.
This is rich in reserves, old-
Stylish clean family-
The malls owned seem to have survived from a quieter, gentler era.
Rows of neatly arranged shelves are filled with interesting surprises: nut cookies shaped like 1940 rocket ship models ($12. 50)
The children's colorful Marimekko plates ($5. 25)
Top Toolbox (
Everything needed to fix the kitchen sink, $40)
And other useful curiosity.
Hats in many shops (
Sonoma Avenue, 414 1st StreetE. )
Let shoppers have their own ideas: Buy a straw hat ($3. 50)
And add decoration (from 25 cents). Hand-
The crochet hood cover costs $24 and the metal sunshades cost $8.
Selection of men ($12 and up)
Including Cowboys, hunting and hats.
Old Town Gallery (
Courtyard El Paso, 414 St 1st. E. )
Sold by Robert Richard. in-
Feature pottery in Sonoma.
The intriguing ceramic "pie bird "(small, upside-
Looks like an open funnel
Aked bird baby waiting for feeding)
Place inside the scones to prevent the top shell from drooping and to prevent the filling from getting wet.
Six birds and matching pie plates are $60.
Decorative land suit-
The hue ceramic "stone" is packed in wooden boxes ($80).
Toothbrush holder ($18)
Beautiful enough to double the size of a small vase.
There are platters, pitchers, mugs and cutlery.
Sonoma Art Association (460 1st St. E. )
The cooperative gallery showcases a variety of works by 60 local artisans.
Including John Curry's blue ceramic plate.
Like a shadow pattern ($44)
Tony Lydgate's wonderful wooden Quintet
Drawer jewelry box ($900)
The cardboard of Davenport, made of watercolor, is cut and reassembled ($100)
The hand of Erin Truro
Woven cardigan ($215)
There are also dozens of decorative and functional works of art. St.
Francis Church Mouse (15 E. Napa St. )
A charming thrift store that sells a wide variety of clothes and antiques at a very reasonable price: $1 for a children's shirt. 50, hand-
Knit Sweater $3, casual pants $3. 50.
Three white ceramic cans cost $5.
Wine Country pottery (130 E. Napa St. )
Greg Olsen of his own.
Teaching Potter, his style reflects the magnificent scenery of Sonoma.
Olsen applies the grape pattern to large bowls and large plates ($45)
Full of small pots
Light candles ($15), mugs ($7. 50)
Vase for spoon and utensils ($15).
Children's and Children's supplies (130 E. Napa St.
In the space shared with wine country pottery)
Toys, books and some furniture for children and teenagers.
Especially seeing unusual puzzles ($9 and up)and playpens (from $150). Robin's Nest (140 E. Napa St. )
Great kitchen, home and personal items at a great price.
Plastic music mug from children ($6)and plates ($3)to hand-
Italian painted tableware (
$40 service platter)
White plastic wallet from Modi ($30)
Elaborate picnic toysC. T. Man (103 W. Napa St. )
The men's edition with champagne taste is full of exquisite fashion, including Bermuda shorts by byblos ($125)
, Linen jacket for Verri Uomo ($235)
The smooth silk shirt ($57)
Washed silk trousers in gray, purple and Olive ($165)and silk T-shirts ($50). Joan's (100 W. Spain St. )
Gifts include the teddy bear ($46), costumed rag-
Doll rabbit with soft ears ($23)
, Beautiful location sealed with plastic cubes ($13)
, Pillowcase of Belgian tapestries ($23)and hand-
Bedspread or bedspread ($46).
Gorgeous children's apron
The pattern fabric is $11.
San Francisco Solano Mission (20 E. Spain St. )
Built in 1823, it is a historic site and museum.
Visit the past of Sonoma and buy books, brochures and maps ($2 and up)
Local history and legends.
Antiques (USA)131 E. Spain St. )
It is a treasure trove of antiques and American wines.
Dressing table with cosmetic mirror ($395)
A dress of 1888$165)
Indian blanket (India ($48)
Old milk bottle ($8)
Wooden file box with brass handle ($35), double-
Processed Crystal Bowl ($45)
Roseville pottery urn with 1940 s Gardenia pattern ($195)
Feel free to show in a few small rooms.
The display cabinet is filled with antique gold and silver.
Blue wings and things (135 E. Spain St. )
A blend of art and nostalgia.
There are a lot of religious artwork in the shop, including unusual images and statues of the Lady of Guadalupe, crosses and other symbols.
Many of them are antiques and collectibles.
Reasonable price.
Local cheese and wine must be tasted.
Sonoma cheese factory (2 Spain St. )
Beautifully crafted Sonoma Jack and cheddas ($13. 95 for a three-pound wheel)
Free samples are provided and the method of making cheese is shown to you.
Outside Buena Vista Winery Plaza (
18000 Old Winery Road)
Founded in 1857, offers tours and tastings and sells its 1987 Chardonnay ($10. 95)
Ganmei borolay ($8)
And other wines.
3 markets for mission Hotel & Spa Sonoma (
The corner of Boyce Avenue and California
Wine, gourmet cuisine, kitchenware, cooking books and iconic casual and sporting clothing are available.
For more information about the Sonoma area, please contact Sonoma County Convention and Tourism Bureau
Santa Rosa, California95401, (707)575-1191.
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