new age lotus eaters - dinnerware sets for 12

by:HENGDA Disposable Tableware     2019-08-19
new age lotus eaters  -  dinnerware sets for 12
Are there any cakes and scones?
Then, when you scoop a tea cake from the cake stand, you carefully pour tea from the delicate porcelain pot.
If you have English like this in the afternoon, you will definitely like the design of Nishita thakurda.
Her brand of the same name, Nishita Fine Dinnerware, has launched the latest collection of luxury Fine porcelain tableware called "Spring of udapur.
The whole series is dominated by Celedon tones, a soft minty-
Emerald green-
Layered and petalled lottery tickets in artistic interpretation.
So, you will ask, how does the Lotus, cutlery or teaware of Bengali Rui designer udabul match?
"Last year I was on holiday in udabul and found it all amazing --
The palace is surrounded by a lake full of lotus flowers.
So I decided that I would have to bring the romance of udabul to the table and add a rich breath to any dining space, "nishitta said.
She said that she chose this color because "it has never been used in Indian pottery design.
"The lotus flowers in this series are depicted as asymmetrical, in natural flow, rather than rigid and static descriptions of this beloved flower," she elaborated . ".
She added that as the trend of tea nights for weekend entertainment and relaxation is getting bigger and bigger, the idea of the separate teaware series is starting to work.
Nishita studied at the Academy of Art Design and Technology at Srishti and studied at the School of Design at Wigan & Leigh for three years. A six-
A month-long professional typesetting and art course in London helped her improve her skills;
She also takes painting as a hobby.
She founded her own brand in 2014 and has released five series --
The Mughal gardens, the banalas, the lotus flowers of farthpur, the night of jothpur and the Indira.
A limited edition collection.
Nishita guarantees that it is all fine porcelain, no animal ashes, and is considered food-safe after testing.
She also decorated her design with 24 k gold, giving a gorgeous and rich feeling.
"Diwali just caught up," she insisted . ".
The collection includes a plate, a small bowl, a bowl, a plate, a plate, and a napkin ring.
Although she also sells separate tableware, her 27 pieces of tableware start at 30.
Tea sets, cake stands and separate coffee cups for gifts and updates in collections.
Coffee Cup, gold plated, 750 per piece.
Please check www for details. nishitadesign. com.
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