- healthy eating lunchbox

by:HENGDA Disposable Tableware     2020-03-27
  -  healthy eating lunchbox
The city is not known for its farmland, but there is a farm on Randall Island that teaches children to eat healthily by helping them grow and cook their own food.
The city farm on the island of Randall has been open for five years. It has an on-
On-site vegetable gardens, rice fields and two greenhouses, as well as Berry blocks and tunnels for the cultivation of gourd.
"One of the names of the games here is varied.
So we tried to put a lot of different crops on the table, but also started talking about it. . .
For example, for tomatoes, we have a bunch of different varieties where they can explore all the different flavors, different looks, different textures, nick stors, farm manager at Randall Island City, said.
The farm is open to the public from Saturday to September. m. to 3 p. m.
For more information, please visit.
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